The basis for building permit obtention is the main project creation. Its price depends on the complexity of entire project, property on which the project refers respectively. Usually stands around 15 and 25 euros per square meter, while at more complex and luxurious buildings reaches even 100 euros per square meter.

The main project represents the collection of mutually coordinated projects to which a technical solution of building is given. It proves that the basic requirements for building are reached, and is necessary for obtaining a building permit.

Main project creation is a base for building permit obtention

The main project, depending on the type of building or constructions, contains:

1. architectural project

2. construction project

3. electrotechnical project

4. mechanical project

The main project for building up an object for which there is no building permit required is created in accordance with technical regulations and other regulations by which the requirements and conditions for object are regulated, and it mustn’t oppose to spatial plan.

For buildings under 400 m2, the main project is mandatory implementing documentation that is required to have on a construction site, while for buildings above 400 m2 in accordance with the main project the confirmation of the main project or the building permit is issued.

Investor can demand from competent administrative department for spatial planning and constructions to give him information about which public legal entities should be contacted for gaining special terms in accordance with which the main project for a certain building must be made.