Many buyers of properties are often in dilemma – is it better to buy a house or to start to build your own house? If you opt for the second choice, arm yourself with patience because a huge paperwork awaits you. You need a building permit to start with an object construction on the building site in Croatia. The expense of a building permit issue alone is not too high, and it’s around 1000 kn (app. 150 €). The biggest part of expense goes on administrative fees for a permit issuing.

Basic conditions for a building permit in Croatia

  • prescribed documents and confirmations of the main project
  • main project’s location conditions compatibility with conditions for implementation of spatial intervention prescribed by spatial planning
  • the main project created by an authorized person
  • properly marked main project
  • main project created so an alteration of its content or a replacement of its parts are disabled
  • compatibility with an urban development plan, it it’s prescribed
  • possibility of access to case file for all parties involved in procedure

The basic document for a building permit obtention is the main project. It contains everything, from building possibility assessment, over conceptual solution until final main project. Several different professions are involved in its creation and it represents a large expense.

Investor applies a request for a building permit obtention, and a request should be submitted to the competent department of construction and spatial planning in a settlement where the construction is planned. Since 2014., a request can also be submitted in electronic form.

A building permit shall expire if an investor doesn’t start building within three years from the day of permit validity obtention, and it cannot be extended anymore.