AGRA PLUS is real estate agency in Umag, and it deals with intermediation in real estate traffic and consulting services connected with real estates on the are of city of Umag and wider.

AGRA PLUS offers full service to their clients. They go through all project phases with their client, from negotiations to contract closure.

Real estate agency in Umag AGRA PLUS represents domestic and foreign physical and legal entities on domestic and foreign market, and cooperates with few foreign and domestic agencies.


  • Advertising in public newsletters
  • Check of property state in land registry
  • Conclusion of purchase contract
  • Production of tax return
  • Shifting of customer services on the name of new owner
  • Registration of new owner in land registries.

In cooperation with partners they solve all administrative and technical works connected with properties.

AGRA PLUS also offers different consulting services connected with properties:

  • Consultation and help to investors
  • Obtaining special conditions, needed permits and approvals
  • Consulting and intermediation services in procedure of objects categorization in tourism
  • Consulting and intermediation services in property legalization procedure
  • Consulting and intermediation services in energy certificate making procedure
  • Consulting and intermediation services in property assessment procedure

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Umag, 175 m2

Umag, 300 m2

Savudrija, 100 m2

Umag, 200 m2

Buje, 530 m2

Buje, 100 m2

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Labinske republike 6b

52470 Umag, Finida – HR

+385 (0)91 526 44 15

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