When you decide for a property purchase, forget about love at first sight. Falling in love with an apartment or a house is wrong approach to purchase because it ignores the true quality of mentioned property. Your affection towards some property is just a minor part of everything you have to take in consideration. If you ignore the main characteristics of a property, like a construction quality and a present condition of an object, it can happen to you very easily that at the end you will invest much more money in the house than you planned in the first place.

Don’t rush with purchase, it’s better to give up on it than mourn later

When you like the specific property, don’t get attached to it immediately. There is a whole list of factors, from quality to price, that must be considered before actual purchase. It’s very important to not give up on your conditions, even if it means you will give up from a purchase.

There are enough real estates on the market, and giving up on one of them very rarely turns into a tragedy. With a little bit of additional research you will find another house you like. Don’t be afraid to threat with giving up from entire deal if you think a seller is trying to cheat on you or change pre-agreed conditions.

And third, don’t rush. Many agents will tell you that you have to react quickly when you find a property that suits you. Maybe this rule existed in the past, but today there is a huge number of properties on the market, while the number of bidders is much smaller. Explore other options as well and always try to check as many properties as possible. Be patient, take your time and check on all the details before you decide to buy. It’s better to think twice on huge investments.